Oddly Enough

Lawyer dives into prison ship protest

BOGOTA (Reuters) - The lawyer for a right-wing Colombian warlord donned scuba diving gear on Tuesday to confront the nation’s prison authority for imprisoning his client on a ship.

Attorney Gilberto Lozano said keeping Carlos Jimenez on a ship off the Pacific coast makes it too difficult for him to meet with his defense team. To make his point, Lozano wore swim fins and an oxygen tank over his brown business suit as he entered Colombia’s prison authority building to file a complaint.

Jimenez, alias “Macaco,” is expected to be extradited to the United States on cocaine charges. He was put on the naval ship to keep rival paramilitary leaders from killing him.

“In no part of Colombia’s prison code does it say it is permitted to put a person in such a place,” said Lozano, lifting a diving mask from his face to talk with reporters.

“If I am going to see my client I guess I’ll have to swim,” he said. “It’s a good thing I’m from the coast myself.”