Oddly Enough

ATM gives shoppers double-money windfall

LONDON (Reuters) - A British cash machine became a big hit this week after it started paying out twice as much money as it should.

The ATM, outside a supermarket in they city of Hull in northern England, began spewing out double the money Tuesday afternoon and continued doing so for several hours, drawing a crowd of hundreds eager to cash in on the mistake.

Those requesting the maximum daily withdrawal of 300 pounds ($600) were being given 600 pounds and a receipt for 300.

“People were calling their mates up and telling them to get down there,” the Hull Daily Mail quoted a passer-by as saying.

After several hours the machine finally ran out of money.

Payzone, a company that administers ATMs, would not comment in detail on the incident but said it appeared one of its machines had malfunctioned.

Police said those who had benefited could face charges but only if the operator complained.

Reporting by Luke Baker; Editing by Ibon Villelabeitia