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State wants special car plates for sex offenders

CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Lawmakers in Ohio said on Wednesday they want to force convicted sex offenders to use a fluorescent-green license plate on their cars so they can be easily identified.

A Republican and a Democrat in the state legislature in Columbus have joined forces to propose the law, which echoes measures in several U.S. states that require convicted drunken drivers to use a yellow, pink or red plate on their cars.

“The fluorescent-green license plate will make the most egregious sex offenders easily identifiable,” state Democratic Rep. Michael DeBose said in a statement.

Police said the green plates would allow them to track sex offenders, who are already required to register with the local sheriff’s office and are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school.

“It will give Ohio families a great peace of mind knowing that their children will be able to recognize where this danger exists,” Summit County Sheriff Drew Alexander said.

Alexander joined the politicians at a news conference in Columbus, the state capital, to praise the proposed law.

Opponents of the proposed law argue the use of a special plate would stigmatize everyone who shared the offender’s car -- including their spouse or children.

The proposed law will be debated in committee before a decision is made whether to put the proposal to a vote.