Oddly Enough

9-year-old boy caught driving to grandma's house

TOKYO (Reuters) - A 9-year-old boy was caught driving his parents’ car alone after police received a report about an unmanned vehicle moving down the street.

The boy took the car, which had been parked with the key in the ignition at his family’s home in Gifu, central Japan, on Monday to visit his grandmother’s house, a police spokesman said.

“I learned from my father’s driving and at game arcades,” Kyodo News quoted the boy as telling police.

The police received a call from a passer-by who reported having seen a driver-less car running down the street, as the boy was apparently too short to be seen from outside the vehicle, the spokesman said.

The police found the car in a convenience store parking lot, after the pint-sized motorist had lost his way. They warned the boy’s parents to keep a closer eye on their car, the spokesman added.

Reporting by Chris Gallagher; editing by Sophie Hardach