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Shot dog bites gunman

A dog looks out from the boarding section of the Humane Center for Animal Welfare, an animal hospital in Amman May 10, 2007. REUTERS/Ali Jarekji

BERLIN (Reuters) - A dog in Germany shot by a drunken man with a gun took swift revenge by biting off the end of the man’s nose, authorities said on Monday.

Police said the armed man was snooping at night in the yard of a house in Stadtlauringen in northern Bavaria when he shot the Bernese mountain dog from point-blank range.

Before collapsing, the dog leapt at the 39-year-old man and bit off the end of his nose, a local police spokesman said.

Bleeding profusely, the man called police and was taken for treatment in a nearby hospital. His motives for being in the yard were unclear, police said.

Doctors removed a bullet from the dog’s shoulder and discharged it from a clinic after an operation lasting several hours.

Reporting by Dave Graham; editing by Michael Roddy