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"Vegan streaker" held over attack plans

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch animal rights activist, known in the Netherlands as the ‘vegan streaker’, has been arrested on suspicion of planning an attack against Queen Beatrix because she wears fur.

The Netherland's Queen Beatrix at the KUMU art museum in Tallinn, May 15, 2008. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

The prosecution office said Tuesday it was investigating whether the man was planning an attack against Queen Beatrix following a witness statement alerting authorities.

A decision will be made Wednesday whether to keep him in remand detention.

“He is also under suspicion of possession of a gun,” public prosecution spokesman Wim de Bruin said.

But a defense lawyer for suspect Peter Janssen has told public broadcaster NOS the allegations he planned an attack were rubbish and the tip-off was designed to discredit him.

Police arrested Janssen Monday on suspicion of planning an attack on the queen, who was the target of an attack in April when a man rammed his car into a royal parade in the city of Apeldoorn on the Queen’s Day national holiday.

The attacker and seven other people were killed in that attack.

De Bruin said police raided Janssen’s house and the house of an associate Monday following a witness statement made in a separate inquiry, but that no firearm was found.

The witness statement suggested Janssen planned an attack because Queen Beatrix wears fur, he said.

Janssen previously made a stir when he burst into the live TV show of presenter Paul de Leeuw wearing only string underpants and the Dutch words for “Stop Animal Suffering” written in large black lettering on his bare chest.

De Leeuw responded by ripping the man’s pants off, prompting Janssen to dash out of the theater.

Reporting by Aaron Gray-Block