Oil report

FACTBOX-Oil producers to take part in Doha's April meeting

(Adds Algeria and Oman status)
    March 28 - Qatar has invited all OPEC members and major producers from
outside the exporting group to attend talks on April 17 on a deal to
freeze output at January levels to support the global oil market, Qatar's
energy ministry said.
    "The need has become an urgent matter to bring back balance to the
market and recovery to the global economy," the ministry said in the
invitation letter.
    The ministry had said that around 15 OPEC and non-OPEC producers,
accounting for about 73 percent of global oil output, are supporting the
Here is a table of oil producing countries that could be present at the
April meeting (production in millions of barrels per day) 

 COUNTRY                  Production as    Production as            Status
                          of Jan-16            of Feb-16  
 *Algeria                 1.05                      1.05               Yes
 *Angola                  1.82                      1.83      Possibly yes
 *Ecuador                 0.56                      0.56      Possibly yes
 *Indonesia               0.71                      0.72      Possibly yes
 *Iran                    2.85                      2.95           Unclear
 *Iraq                    4.45                      4.20               Yes
 *Kuwait                  2.45                      2.50               Yes
 *Libya                   0.37                      0.36                No
 *Nigeria                 1.80                      1.70               Yes
 *Qatar                   0.64                      0.66               Yes
 *Saudi Arabia            9.95                      9.90               Yes
 *United Arab Emirates    2.70                      2.65               Yes
 *Venezuela               2.30                      2.30               Yes
 +Russia                  11.26                    11.26               Yes
 +Mexico                  2.61                      2.60           Unclear
 +Kazakhstan              1.74                      1.73           Unclear
 +Azerbaijan              0.80                      0.80           Unclear
 +Oman                    1.03                      1.03               Yes
 +Norway                  2.05                      2.05           Unclear
    * indicates only crude oil production data
    + indicates crude oil and liquid fuels supply - includes production of
crude oil (including lease condensates), natural gas plant liquids, other
liquids, and refinery processing gains, alcohol
    (source EIA)

 (Reporting by Arpan Varghese in Bengaluru; Editing by Rania El Gamal and
Louise Heavens)