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Climate push must not hurt developing states -OPEC

LONDON, Oct 22 (Reuters) - U.N. climate talks in December should not hold back developing countries and should seek a “win-win” solution to tackle climate change, OPEC’s secretary general said on Thursday.

Abdullah al-Badri, who will attend the climate talks in Copenhagen in December, also said it was important that carbon capture and storage (CCS) -- technology with the potential to clean up coal and oil use -- was developed.

“Everyone must feel he is getting something. If you came out of Copenhagen without a win-win situation, then it will not be implemented,” Badri told reporters in London.

“Copenhagen should not hinder the development of developing countries. You have 2.6 billion people without adequate energy at this time.”

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries includes many of the world’s top oil producers, who are worried about efforts to curb fossil fuel use.

The lead climate negotiator of top OPEC producer Saudi Arabia said in April the U.N. climate talks threaten its “survival.”

In a sign of how important OPEC feels the Copenhagen summit is, OPEC delegates said the group shifted the dates of its December meeting to decide short-term oil output policy to avoid a clash with the climate summit.

Badri said it was also important that oil producers were compensated for any pact which curbs oil demand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, this was not a new issue as there was provision for it in the original Kyoto Protocol, he said.

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Reporting by Alex Lawler; Editing by Anthony Barker