Oil report

Iraq's second energy auction late Nov-Oil Ministry

BAGHDAD, July 30 (Reuters) - Iraq will hold an auction for its second major bidding round for energy fields at the end of November, the Oil Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

Spokesman Asim Jihad also said that a new acting director had been named to head Iraq’s state-run South Oil Company, after Fayad al-Nema, a critic of the ministry’s plans for an initial bidding round giving foreign firms a chance to develop oilfields already in production, was removed from his post this week.

“Dhiya Jaafar was the head of the southern operations commission of the South Oil Company and he became head of the company,” Jihad said. The government said Nema was removed for reasons related to ‘restructuring’ at the Oil Ministry. (Reporting by Missy Ryan; editing by James Jukwey)