Oil Report

TABLE-U.S. coal plants under construction

 NEW YORK, March 26 (Reuters) - As U.S. power demand rises, utilities are
planning to build more than 150 plants fired by coal, a plentiful but dirty
 The United States is the world's top emitter of carbon dioxide, the main
gas scientists link to global warming, but does not regulate the emissions.
 Utilities are coming under greater pressure from some green organizations
to capture C02 with expensive equipment and bury it underground. But the
technology, which is not yet commercially available, could boost power bills by
20 percent, according to scientists that advise the United Nations, as well as
a recent report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
 Below is a list of power plants that are being built. If completed they
will add about 7.6 Gigawatts of capacity to the grid. Also listed are plants
that have completed permitting and are expected to begin construction soon.
 Many of plants will burn plentiful coal from Wyoming's Powder River Basin
as Appalachian output in the East begins to decline.
 The remaining plants of the 150 being planned are mostly in the permitting
process, and it is not certain how many of them will be built.
LS Power          Arkansas     665       2010        1.0  BLN    PRB
Xcel Energy       Colorado     750       2009        1.3  BLN    PRB
MidAmerican       Iowa         790       2007        1.2  BLN    *
Omaha             Nebraska     660       2009        0.85 BLN    PRB
Santee Cooper     S. Carolina  640 (2)   2007, 2009  1.4  BLN    Coal, Petcoke
TXU, Milam        Texas        600       2009        1.0  BLN    Lignite
San Antonio       Texas        750       2010        1.0  BLN    Coal, PRB
Wisconsin Energy, Wisconsin    600 (2)   2009,2010   2.5  BLN    PRB,
 Madison Gas                                                     sub-bitu
Wisconsin Public  
 Service Corp.    Wisconsin    500       2008        0.75 BLN    Low sulfur
North American    Wyoming      320       2008        0.65 BLN    Waste coal
 Power Group
Black Hills Corp. Wyoming       90       2008        0.17 BLN    PRB
                        NEAR CONSTRUCTION
Tucson Electric   Arizona      400       2009        0.65 BLN    PRB, local
Larmar L&P        Colorado      39                   0.07 BLN    Coal
Peabody Energy    Illinois     750 (2)   2011        2.0  BLN    Ill. coal
Sunflower         Kansas       700 (3)   2011-13     2.5  BLN    Coal, PRB
Newmont Mining    Nevada       200       2008        0.45 BLN    Coal
Global Energy     Ohio         600       2008        0.58 BLN    Coal fines
Ok Gas& Electric  Oklahoma     950       2011        1.8  BLN    PRB
GenPower LLC      W. Virginia  660       2010        0.94 BLN    Coal
Sources: NETL of U.S. Department of Energy, companies.
* Coal type not yet known