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TABLE-US ethanol capacity slips 5 pct since late October

 Jan 27 (Reuters) - U.S. capacity to make ethanol has slipped about 5
percent since late October to about 10.6 billion gallons per year as several
plants out of more than 170 have shut on waning demand and poor profit
 The United States boasted 175 distilleries on Tuesday, down from 181 in
late October. The capacity is slightly above the 2009 U.S. mandate, known as
the Renewable Fuel Standard, that requires refiners and blenders to mix 10.5
billion gallons of grain fuel into gasoline.
 The RFS calls for an increase in blending of grain-based biofuels into
gasoline to peak at 15 billion gpy by 2015.
 VeraSun Energy Corp VSUNQ.OB has shut 12 out of 16 plants and it is
hoping to auction seven plants at the end of March. The company declared
bankruptcy in October after making expensive bets on corn prices.
 Analysts say several other plants have cut back producing fuel amid poor or
negative margins.
 Below is a list of the larger U.S. ethanol production and expansion plans
by company. All figures are in million gpy.
Company            Location     Feedstock     Capacity   Under Construction
Abengoa Bioenergy Corp
                York, NE       Corn/milo      55
            Portales, NM                      30
             Ravenna, NE                      88
Aberdeen Energy          SD       Corn          100
Absolute Energy LLC      IA       Corn          100
Adkins Energy LLC        IL       Corn           40
Advanced Bioenergy       NE       Corn          100
AGP                      NE       Corn           52
Archer Daniels Midland  Total:                 1,070          550
             Decatur, IL       Corn           na
        Cedar Rapids, IA       Corn          (Aug 2009)    275
             Clinton, IA       Corn          237
            Columbus, NE       Corn           na
            Marshall, MN       Corn           na
              Peoria, IL       Corn           na
            Wahlalla, ND       Corn/barley    na
Arkalon Energy LLC       KS       Corn                        110
ASAlliances Biofuels
              Albion, NE       Corn                        100
              Linden, IN       Corn                        100
        Bloomingburg, OH       Corn                        100
Aventine Renewable
               Pekin, IL       Corn          207                  
              Aurora, NE       Corn          
Big River Resources      IA       Corn           52
Blue Flint Ethanol       ND       Corn           50
Bunge-Ergon Vicksburg    MS       Corn           60
Cardinal Ethanol         IN       Corn           100          
Cargill Inc   
               Blair, NE       Corn           85
           Eddyville, IA       Corn           35
       Cascade Grain, OR       Corn                         108
Center Ethanol Co        IL       Corn                          54
Chief Ethanol            NE       Corn           62
Conestoga Energy Ptnrs   KS       Corn/milo                     55
Corn LP                  IA       Corn           50
Dakota Ethanol LLC       SD       Corn           50
Frontier Ethanol         IA       Corn           60
Glacial Lakes Energy     SD       Corn           50             50
Global Ethanol   Lakota, IA       Corn           95
                Riga, MI       Corn                          57
Golden Grain Energy LLC  IA       Corn           60             50
Granite Falls Energy     MN       Corn           52
Great Plains Ethanol     SD       Corn           50
Green Plains Renewable
          Shenandoah, IA       Corn                          50
            Superior, IA       Corn           55
Hawkeye Renewables     
          Iowa Falls, IA       Corn          105            100
            Fairbank, IA       Corn          115
               Menlo, IA       Corn                         100
Heartland Corn Products  MN       Corn          100
Heron Lake BioEnergy     MN       Corn                          50
Holt County Ethanol      NE       Corn                         100
Horizon Ethanol          IA       Corn           60
Illinois River Energy    IL       Corn                          50
Iowa Ethanol LLC         IA       Corn           50
Iroquois Bio-Energy Co   IN       Corn                          40
James Valley Ethanol     SD       Corn           50
Lincolnway Energy LLC    IA       Corn           50
Little Sioux Corn        IA       Corn           52
Marquis Energy LLC       IL       Corn                         100
MGP Ingredients Inc    
               Pekin, IL       Corn/wht strch 78
            Atchison, KS
Michigan Ethanol LLC     MI       Corn           50
Missouri Valley Renew    SD       Corn                          60
New Energy Corp          IN       Corn          102
Northeast Biofuels       NY       Corn                         114
Northern Lights Ethanol  SD       Corn           50
Northstar Ethanol        MN       Corn           52
Otter Creek Ethanol      IA       Corn           55
Pacific Ethanol          CA       Corn           50
Panda Energy             TX       Corn/milo                    115
Patriot Renewable Fuels  IL       Corn                         100
Pinal Energy             AZ       Corn                          55
POET                                          1,331            195
         Souix Falls, SD
          Alexandria, IN       Corn
              Ashton, IA
           Big Stone, SD       Corn
                Caro, MI       Corn
         Coon Rapids, IA       Corn
             Corning, IA       Corn
          Emmetsburg, IA       Corn
           Glenville, MN       Corn
              Gowrie, IA       Corn
              Groton, SD       Corn
          Hanlontown, IA       Corn
              Hudson, SD       Corn
              Jewell, IA       Corn
            Laddonia, MO       Corn
        Lake Crystal, MN       Corn
             Leipsic, OH       Corn           65
               Macon, MO       Corn
            Mitchell, SD       Corn
    North Manchester, IN       Corn           68
            Portland, IN       Corn
             Preston, MN       Corn
            Scotland, SD       Corn
Red Trail Energy, LLC    ND       Corn                          50
Redfield Energy, LLC     SD       Corn                          50
Renew Energy             WI       Corn                         130
Siouxland Ethanol        NE       Corn                          50
Sioux River Ethanol LLC  SD       Corn           50
Southwest Iowa Renewable IA       Corn                         110
Summit Ethanol           OH       Corn                          60
Tate & Lyle      Loudon, TN       Corn           67             38
           Ft. Dodge, IA       Corn                         105
The Andersons    Albion, MI       Corn           55
The Andersons   Clymers, IN       Corn          110
The Andersons  Marathon, OH       Corn                         110
VeraSun Energy Corp
              Aurora, SD       Corn          120
        Charles City, IA       Corn          110
            Ft Dodge, IA       Corn          110
             Hartley, IA       Corn          110
Western New York Energy  NY       Corn           50
White Energy             TX       Corn/Milo     100
 Key: *-Start of plants were delayed in June 2008 until market improves
 Sources: Individual companies, Renewable Fuels Association, Ethanol
Producer Magazine
 (Reporting by Timothy Gardner)