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TAKE A LOOK-China commodities, energy trade and output data

 China, the world's top consumer and producer of a broad
range of commodities and the second-largest oil user, has been
one of the main drivers of the commodities bull market in the
last few years but the country has been hit by slackening
demand due to the global economic downturn.
 It has been reporting trade and output data for December.
Below are links to Reuters stories on the data.
 GROWTH SLOWS > China's economy slows sharply as crisis bites  
 TRADE > China apparent copper demand up 7 pct in
08,slowing[ID:nSP400387] > China's December refined copper
imports hit record [ID:nHKG15221] > China Dec LNG imports drop
23 pct, no spot trades [ID:nSYD34882]
 OUTPUT > China Dec refined copper output rises 3 pct on yr
[ID:nPEK282915] > China says Dec crude runs drop most in 7-½  
yrs    [ID:nPEK6220] > China 2008 crude steel output rises 2
pct         [ID:nSHA10981] > China power output falls for a 3rd
month in Dec   [ID:nPEK14077] > China 2008 grain output at
record -stats bureau  [ID:nPEK310049]
 TABLES > China Dec crude oil imports and exports          
[ID:nPEK38135] > China's Dec crude, oil products, natgas output
  [ID:nPEK366169] > China's Dec oil product imports, exports   
    [ID:nPEK5831] > China's Dec oil product exports details 
     [ID:nPEK367892] > China Dec LNG imports, exports       
        [ID:nPEK175774] > China Dec and 2008 base metals
output              [ID:nHKG5510] > China Dec and 2008
basemetal trade summary         [ID:nPEK1166] > China Dec and
2008 copper imports, exports       [ID:nPEK254392] > China's
Dec power generation down 7.9 pct          [ID:nPEK9610] >
China Dec coal exports, imports plunge          
[ID:nSHA276371] > China December 2008 edible oils trade        
 [ID:nPEK71698] > China 2008 aluminium exports, imports     
     [ID:nHKG1234] > China 2008 nickel, lead, zinc, tin
trade           [ID:nHKG2938] > China 2008 December silver,
platinum trade         [ID:nSHA5072] > China 2008 Dec iron ore,
steel trade                [ID:nSHA914] > China 2008 December
minor metals trade             [ID:nSHA4207] > China December
sugar, cotton, rubber trade         [ID:nSHA6261] > China
December 2008 soybean, rapeseed, meal export[ID:nPEK301113] >
China December 2008 soybean, rapeseed, meal
import[ID:nPEK276594] > China Dec ethanol exports double,
imports vanish    [ID:nPEK395]
 GRAPHICS > China Dec copper imports:
 here >
China apparent refined copper demand
 here >
China refiners slash runs:
 here >
China power output falls for a third month:
 here >
China steel production and exports:
 here >
China LNG imports:
 here >
China GDP growth slows:
 here >
China industrial output: