Oil Report

TABLE-OPEC oil output rises 40,000 bpd in August - Reuters survey

Aug 31 (Reuters) - The following table shows OPEC crude oil
output in millions of barrels per day (bpd) in August and July,
according to a Reuters survey published on Wednesday.
    The survey indicates output from the 14-member Organization
of the Petroleum Exporting Countries rose by 40,000 bpd in
August, as increases among Middle Eastern members outweighed
losses in African producers.
    OPEC has no supply target. In December 2015 the group
scrapped its output ceiling of 30 million bpd, which it had been
exceeding for months. 
    The July output figures for Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Iraq
were amended, resulting in a 50,000-bpd upward revision to
OPEC's production that month. 
    Totals are rounded. There are no individual quotas for the
OPEC member countries.    
                August   July
 Algeria        1.09     1.10
 Angola         1.77     1.74
 Ecuador        0.55     0.55
 Gabon          0.22     0.21
 Indonesia      0.74     0.74
 Iran           3.62     3.62
 Iraq           4.31     4.29 (R)
 Kuwait         2.87     2.86
 Libya          0.26     0.28
 Nigeria        1.47     1.52 (R)
 Qatar          0.65     0.65
 Saudi Arabia   10.70    10.67 (R)
 UAE            3.00     2.96
 Venezuela      2.25     2.27
 TOTAL OPEC     33.50    33.46 (R)
    R - Revised
    The Reuters survey aims to assess crude supply to market,
defined to exclude movements to, but not sales from, storage.
Saudi and Kuwaiti data includes the Neutral Zone.
    Venezuelan data includes upgraded synthetic oil. Nigerian
output includes the Agbami stream and excludes Oso and Akpo

 (Reporting by Alex Lawler; Editing by Dale Hudson)