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Eleven illegal miners killed at Rwanda tin mine

A general view shows a cassiterite and tantalum ore in a semi-industrial mineral processing plant in Gatumba in western Rwanda, November 25, 2009. REUTERS/Hereward Holland

KIGALI (Reuters) - At least 11 people were killed at a disused tin mine in eastern Rwanda when the ground caved in on them, police said on Monday.

Eric Kayiranga, a police spokesman, said the miners were working illegally at the mine on Saturday when the ground gave way. Ten died at the scene and one was rescued but died in hospital on Sunday.

“We are setting up security and safety precautions to avoid such a situation again. We are also setting up regulations of the mining industry,” Kayiranga said.

“They were all involved in illegal extraction at that mine and didn’t take any precautions,” Kayiranga said.

The incident happened at the Ntunga mine in Rwamagana district.