Ex-US Treasury head Rubin: no return to Washington

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, an adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that he had no intention of returning to government.

Rubin was an architect of former President Bill Clinton’s economic policies and is part of a team of advisers which, Rubin said, meets with Obama weekly to discuss ways of dealing with the U.S. financial crisis.

There has been speculation Rubin, a senior counselor at Citigroup, would join a potential Obama cabinet or be named as Federal Reserve chairman after the term of Chairman Benjamin Bernanke expires in 2010.

“I’m not going back to Washington,” Rubin said in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria -- GPS,” program.

“Senator Obama knows that it is not my view of my own life to go in that direction,” he said. He had been asked whether he would honor a request from Obama to serve as Treasury secretary.

Reporting by Randall Mikkelsen; Editing by Eric Walsh