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'Words With Friends' maker Zynga hit with proposed class action over data breach

Two plaintiffs have filed a proposed class action against Zynga Inc, the mobile-platform game maker behind Words With Friends, in San Francisco federal court, accusing the company of failing to prevent a 2019 data breach and not adequately informing allegedly hundreds of millions of impacted users, including children, about it.

Plaintiffs Amy Gitre in Michigan and Nasim Chaudhri in Kansas, who is suing on behalf of his son who is a minor, said in their complaint filed on Tuesday that Zynga did not take adequate steps to protect user data, in part because it relied on an outdated password encryption method, and that when its users’ passwords and other personal information were breached last year, Zynga effectively “hid the fact” by not emailing those impacted, instead relying on a September post on its website as notice.

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