FACTBOX-Measures against swine flu in Africa

May 1 (Reuters) - Following is a guide to steps being taken around Africa to combat a possible flu pandemic:

* Star denotes new or updated entry


EGYPT -- Egypt, hit hard by bird flu, has ordered the slaughter of every pig herd in the country as a precaution against swine flu. The United Nations said on Wednesday the mass cull of up to 400,000 pigs was “a real mistake”.

-- Increases medical staff at Cairo airport to check passengers from Mexico and will monitor them during their stay.

GABON - Has suspended imports of pork and pork products and increased health checks at all border entry points.

GHANA -- Bans import of pork products. It has drugs available and a quarantine system should any cases be identified.

KENYA -- Monitoring visitors entering through airports and other border points who may come from infected areas. Visitors being screened are from U.S., Canada, Israel, Spain, and Britain. Kenya has enough medication to treat people and facilities for quarantining.

* MOROCCO -- Has stocks of Tamiflu for 1 million people Morocco hopes to negotiate price reductions on further supplies, enough for 15-20 percent of the 34 million population. Is issuing gloves, surgical boots and masks to health and airport workers.

SOUTH AFRICA -- Outbreak response teams are operational in all provinces.

* TUNISIA - Installed thermal detectors (to identify travellers with fever) at airports and stepped up medical surveillance at all entry point. Advised people not to visit Mexico.

ZAMBIA -- Has formed an emergency task force to deal with a possible outbreak of swine flu.

ZIMBABWE - Deployed teams at ports of entry to check for suspected cases. Zimbabwe does not have enough drugs in stocks to treat swine flu but will ask WHO Africa regional office.