Sanofi to probe cancer link with insulin use

PARIS, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Sanofi Aventis SASY.PA on Tuesday launched a research plan to probe the safety of insulin, including its Lantus diabetis drug.

The research program is designed to generate more information on whether there is any association between cancer and insulin use and to assess if there is any difference in risk between insulin glargine -- such as Lantus -- and other insulins.

Sanofi-Aventis said its scientific programme and studies will be initiated in the coming weeks.

Timelines for study completion and data generation will vary depending on each type of study.

In June, the European Association of the Study of Diabetes journal Diabetologia published a critical study discussing the drug at its annual meeting.

Prescription data showed demand for the long-acting insulin was holding up, despite the release of studies suggesting a possible link between Lantus and cancer, while U.S. and European regulators have both backed the product. (Reporting by Marcel Michelson; Editing by Hans Peters)