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Pentagon ‘not concerned’ by Iranian naval plans in Atlantic

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon said on Monday it was unconcerned by an Iranian announcement that it would send naval vessels toward U.S. maritime borders, noting that lots of countries operated in international waters in the Atlantic. (USA-IRAN/NAVY, moved, 286 words)

U.S. attorney general Holder says he will stay on well into 2014

WASHINGTON - U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to stay in the Obama administration well into 2014 but declined in an interview with The New Yorker magazine to say precisely how long, according to a transcript issued by his office on Monday. (USA-JUSTICE/HOLDER, moved, 410 words)

U.S. says Social Security computer outage to affect HealthCare.gov

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration said on Monday people hoping to enroll in health coverage for March 1 may have trouble applying by Saturday’s deadline because of a planned 62-hour maintenance shutdown of a Social Security Administration computer system. (USA-HEALTHCARE/OUTAGE (URGENT), moved, 150 words)

Debt limit rise should be tied to budget cuts -U.S. Senator Cruz

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, the Tea Party firebrand who egged on Republicans in the House of Representatives during last year’s government shutdown battle, said on Monday it would be “irresponsible” for Congress to grant President Barack Obama a debt limit increase without spending reforms. (USA-FISCAL/CRUZ (UPDATE 1), moved, 432 words)

Follow the hounds: Westminster dog show opens in New York

NEW YORK - From tiny Chihuahuas to 100-pound (45-kg) Old English Sheepdogs, nearly 3,000 dogs and their handlers will hit the competition floor in New York for the opening of the two-day 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (USA-DOGSHOW/, PIX, 400 words, moved, expect update after show begins at 8 pm)

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New York mayor says pre-K funded by wealthy tax still essential

NEW YORK - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday drove home his plan to fund universal pre-Kindergarten by taxing the wealthy in his first State of the City address, saying early education as well as paid sick leave and affordable housing are “priceless” to struggling New Yorkers. (USA-NEWYORK/DEBLASIO (PIX, TV), moved, 520 words)

Large blast reported at New Hampshire ball-bearing factory

BOSTON - A blast was reported at a ball bearing manufacturer in southern New Hampshire on Monday, local media and fire officials reported. (USA-NEWHAMPSHIRE/BLAST (UPDATE 1), moved, 171 words, to be led)

NFL hopeful Michael Sam draws support after announcing he is gay

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - National Football League hopeful Michael Sam on Monday drew public support from athletes, fans and politicians after publicly revealing he is gay and potentially becoming the league’s first openly gay player. (USA-FOOTBALL/GAY, moved, 766 words, will be led)

Conservative group files civil rights lawsuit against Wisconsin investigators

MILWAUKEE - A conservative organization in Wisconsin filed a federal lawsuit against state investigators on Monday, saying its members’ civil rights were violated during an ongoing secret probe into campaign financing, court documents showed. The current investigation is the second high profile “John Doe” probe aimed at conservatives since Republican Governor Scott Walker took office in 2011. Six people, including four of Walker’s aides, were charged as a result of the first probe. (USA-CAMPAIGN/WISCONSIN (UPDATE 1), moved, 215 words)

Alcohol suspected as factor in death of Ohio university student

CLEVELAND - Authorities suspect alcohol was a factor in the death of an Ohio university senior found by student volunteers outside a parking garage after a campus-wide search, police said on Monday. (USA-OHIO/DEATH, moved, 210 words)

Detroit will file plan to adjust its debt next week -attorney

DETROIT - Detroit will file a plan to adjust its debt with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court next week, an attorney representing the city told the judge overseeing the case on Monday. (USA-DETROIT/BANKRUPTCY, moved, 260 words)

Graft and credibility in focus as New Orleans ex-mayor trial winds down

NEW ORLEANS - Former New Orleans mayor C. Ray Nagin was called a politician on the take in closing arguments by prosecutors at his graft trial on Monday while defense attorneys questioned the credibility of those who had cut deals to testify against him. (USA-CRIME/NEWORLEANS, moved, 618 words, update expected)

Georgia governor advises caution ahead of second rare snowfall

ATLANTA - Officials across the southeastern United States braced on Monday for a blast of freezing rain, snow and ice, with Georgia’s governor advising “extreme caution” and declaring a state of emergency across almost one-third of the state. (USA-WEATHER/ (UPDATE 3), moved, 547 words)

Two shot at Georgia supermarket as crowd shops for storm supplies

Two women were shot and a man was arrested on Monday after an apparent confrontation at a Georgia grocery store packed with shoppers buying supplies ahead of a winter storm that has prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency, police said. (USA-SHOOTING/GEORGIA, moved, 300 words)

Safety board blames captain for 2012 Bounty sinking

WASHINGTON - The sinking of the tall ship Bounty off the North Carolina coast in 2012 was likely caused by the captain’s “reckless decision” to sail the vessel into the path of Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said on Monday. (STORM-SANDY/BOUNTY, moved, 309 words)

California gets two more years to reduce prison crowding

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - California won two additional years to reduce overcrowding in its massive prison system under an order issued on Monday by a panel of federal judges, in the latest twist in a decades-long dispute over prison conditions and medical care for inmates. (USA-CALIFORNIA/PRISONS (UPDATE 2), moved, 442 words)

Pacific storm eases California drought, but state has long way to go

LOS ANGELES - A weekend winter storm that ranks as the most powerful to hit California in over a year dumped several feet of snow in the high Sierras and soaked lower elevations with rain, easing drought conditions but leaving the state thirsting for much more. (USA-DROUGHT/CALIFORNIA, moved, 650 words)

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New bride dies while BASE jumping in Utah park

A Utah newlywed who went BASE jumping in Zion National Park with her husband of two weeks was killed at the weekend when her parachute failed to open properly and she plunged to her death, a park official said on Monday. (USA UTAH/BASEJUMPER, moved, 290 words)

Gay rights activists arrested in Utah after statehouse sit-in

SALT LAKE CITY - More than a dozen Utah gay rights activists were arrested on Monday at the state Capitol, where they staged a sit-in to demand lawmakers hear a bill that would bar housing and job discrimination based on sexual orientation, authorities said. (USA-UTAH/GAYRIGHTS, moved, 550 words)

Colorado teen who set himself ablaze at high school dies

DENVER - A 16-year-old Colorado boy who set himself ablaze in a suicide attempt last month in the cafeteria of his suburban Denver high school in front of 60 classmates has died from his injuries, police said on Monday. (USA-FIRE/SCHOOL, moved, 315 words)

Ex-Guatemalan army officer tied to massacre sentenced to US prison

LOS ANGELES - A former Guatemalan army commander convicted of covering up his role in the massacre of 250 men, women and children during that country’s bloody civil war in order to gain U.S. citizenship was sentenced on Monday to 10 years in federal prison. (USA-GUATEMALA/MASSACRE, moved, 449 words)

Judge OKs evidence from accused Colorado gunman’s computers, phones

DENVER - The judge in the Colorado theater massacre case has ruled that evidence seized from accused gunman James Holmes’ computers, cell phone and bank accounts is admissible at trial, court documents made public on Monday show. (USA-COLORADO/SHOOTING, moved, 383 words)

Apple loses latest bid to block e-books antitrust monitor

NEW YORK - Apple Inc on Monday lost its latest bid to put a court-appointed antitrust monitor on hold, after a federal appeals court rejected its argument that the monitor’s work was causing it irreparable harm. (APPLE-EBOOKS/ (UPDATE 1), moved, 306 words)

N. Korea rescinds invite to seek Bae release

WASHINGTON - North Korea rescinds invitation for a senior U.S. official to visit Pyongyang to seek the release of imprisoned U.S. missionary Kenneth Bae but civil rights activist Jesse Jackson offers to go to Pyongyang to try to free Bae. (KOREA-NORTH/USA-BAE, UPDATE 3, moved, 853 words)


- KOREA-NORTH/USA (UPDATE 2), moved, 461 words

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg tops list of 2013 top philanthropists

NEW YORK - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife topped a list of the biggest philanthropic donors in 2013, giving away nearly $1 billion, the Chronicle of Philanthropy said. (USA-PHILANTHROPY/, 280 words, moved)

Largest cockfighting bust in New York history nets 3,000 birds

Nine people were arrested and some 3,000 fighting roosters and hens rescued when New York authorities busted a cockfighting ring they said was one of the biggest ever uncovered in the United States. (USA-COCKFIGHTING/NEWYORK (PIX), 350 words, moved)

Hollande Visit Reflects Stronger US-French Ties Despite Spy Row

WASHINGTON - French President Francois Hollande starts a visit to the United States on Monday with spats over U.S. eavesdropping and trade talks with the EU unlikely to chill a relationship now far warmer than before the 2003 U.S.-led war on Iraq. (USA-FRANCE/OBAMA (UPDATE 1, PIX, TV), moved, 608 words)

U.S. college footballers tackle NLRB in bid to unionize

Football players at Northwestern University have kicked off a daunting, but not necessarily impossible, drive to become the first U.S. college athletes to unionize, starting a legal process with the potential to redefine college sports. (COLLEGE-FOOTBALL/UNION (ANALYSIS, PIX), 1,200 words, moved)

U.S. lawmakers call NFL on Redskins name: it’s an insult, not honor

WASHINGTON - Two U.S. lawmakers on Monday rejected the NFL’s claim that the Washington Redskins name was an honor to Native Americans and urged the sports league to recognize it as a racial slur and back changing the name. (NFL-REDSKINS/CONGRESS (UPDATE 1), moved, 452 words)

Mexican man to be sentenced for U.S. border agent’s killing

TUCSON, Ariz. - A Mexican man who pleaded guilty to murdering a U.S. Border Patrol agent whose death was tied to the botched “Fast and Furious” gun-smuggling investigation is due to be sentenced on Monday. Manuel Osorio-Arellanes is only the person to have pleaded guilty in Agent Brian Terry’s death in a 2010 shootout near the border. (USA-ARIZONA/BORDERAGENT, expect today, word count TBD)


Criticism of Games reflects “Cold War” mentality-Putin

SOCHI, Russia - Western criticism of Russia’s Winter Olympics was reminiscent of Cold War ambitions to hold the Soviet Union back, President Vladimi Putin said on Monday, despite signs that the world was warming to the most expensive Games ever held. (OLYMPICS/ (WRAPUP 3, PIX, TV, GRAPHICS), moved, 1,059 words)

Olympics-Russian Billionaire’s Dog Shelter Helps Putin’s Games

SOCHI, Russia - A Russian billionaire who has invested heavily in the Winter Olympics has found a novel way to help Vladimir Putin stage a successful Games - by funding a shelter for Sochi’s stray dogs. (OLYMPICS-BILLIONAIRE/DOGS (TV, PIX), moved, 612 words)

U.S. twin sisters spell double danger for rivals

SOCHI, Russia - The chemistry shared between American twin sisters Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux may well prove to be the key ingredient to landing the duo matching gold medals at the Sochi Olympics. The 24-year-old sisters have competed in a variety of sports together from a young age but now they are doing it on the world stage for a U.S. women’s ice hockey team chasing their first Olympic gold medal since 1998. (OLYMPICS-ICEHOCKEY/WOMEN-LAMOUREUX (PIX), moved, 375 words)


U.S. launches new trade action against India over solar program

NEW DELHI - United States launched a fresh challenge to India’s national solar program, saying its domestic content requirements discriminate against U.S. manufactures. (USA-TRADE/INDIA (UPDATE 5), moved, 709 words)

Netanyahu to talk curbs on Iran with Obama in Washington in March

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has condemned big power deal with Iran on its nuclear activity, says he will meet President Obama in Washington next month to further goal of denying Tehran atomic bomb capability. (ISRAEL-USA/NETANYAHU, moved, 535 words)

Pussy Riot members say Russia is blocking drive to help prisoners

BERLIN - Two members of punk protest band Pussy Riot accuse Moscow of obstructing their campaign to improve conditions in Russia’s jails, and call for international monitoring. (RUSSIA-PUSSYRIOT/, moved, 479 words)

Europe warns Swiss of consequences after immigration vote

ZURICH/BRUSSELS - Switzerland could lose its privileged access to European single market, European officials say, after Swiss voters narrowly back proposals to curtail immigration from EU in referendum that unsettles business. (SWISS-VOTE/IMMIGRATION (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV), moved, 895 words)

Second round of Syria talks makes faltering start

GENEVA/BEIRUT - Second round of Syria peace talks gets off to shaky start with international mediator meeting two sides separately after violations of local ceasefire and Islamist offensive set back his efforts. (SYRIA-CRISIS/ (WRAPUP 3), moved, 1130 words)

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U.N. nuclear agency sees ‘good’ progress with Iran, much work remains

VIENNA - U.N. nuclear watchdog signals its determination to get to bottom of suspicions that Iran may have worked on designing an atomic bomb, day after Tehran agrees to start addressing sensitive issue. (IRAN-NUCLEAR/IAEA (UPDATE 3, TV), moved, 826 words)

Kuwait faces hard sell as it eyes cut in lavish subsidies

KUWAIT - Kuwait’s policymakers face uphill challenge of convincing citizens that despite hefty oil revenues, one of world’s richer countries per capita needs to reduce spending to avoid potential damaging budget deficit later this decade. (KUWAIT-ECONOMY/SUBSIDIES (PIX), moved, 1,020 words)

UK minister’s visit to contested Falklands angers Argentina

LONDON - British government minister responsible for Falkland Islands begins his first visit to contested territory and angry Argentina accuses him of high-handed colonialism. (BRITAIN-ARGENTINA/FALKLANDS, moved, 432 words)


Duo tracks double-dipping in U.S. oil firms’ toxic tank cleanup

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - A pioneer in cleaning up toxic messes, Thomas Schruben long suspected major oil companies of being paid twice for dealing with leaks from underground fuel storage tanks - once from government funds and again, secretly, from insurance companies. (USA-ENVIRONMENT/TANKS (EXCLUSIVE, GRAPHIC), moved, 1,363 words)

As Yellen makes Fed debut, expect theater, not fireworks

Janet Yellen’s first test as chair of the Federal Reserve comes on Tuesday when she faces U.S. lawmakers, some hostile to the central bank, who will want to know how committed she is to winding down the Fed’s support for the economy. (USA-FED/ (PREVIEW), moved, 972 words)

Icahn gives up Apple buyback plan after ISS urges ‘no’ vote

Carl Icahn says he sees no reason to persist with his proposal that Apple buy back $50 billion of its shares given the recent share repurchases by the iPhone maker. (APPLE-ICAHN/ (UPDATE 3), moved, 593 words)

Backlash hits AOL CEO after ‘distressed babies’ remark

AOL Inc Chief Executive Tim Armstrong tries to tamp down a backlash after he blamed a pension cut on costs stemming from two employees’ “distressed babies,” insisting that the Internet provider was focused on families. (AOL-HEALTHCARE/ (UPDATE 1, PIX), moved, 461 words)

Europe, China help McDonald’s offset soft U.S. sales in January

McDonald’s reports better-than-expected global sales at established restaurants for January as gains in Europe and China helped the company offset weak numbers in the United States, where customers remained cautious in their spending. (MCDONALDS-SALES/ (UPDATE 2), moved, 258 words)

Former Madoff aides get their day in court

NEW YORK - Four months into a criminal trial for five former employees of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, witnesses have made it clear that no one but Madoff himself knew the whole truth about his massive Ponzi scheme, from his top lieutenant on down. (MADOFF-EMPLOYEES/, moved, 864 words)


Ancient galaxy found

Astronomers have found one of the oldest galaxies in the known universe. The galaxy, which is about 30 times smaller than the Milky Way, existed just 650 million years or so after the Big Bang. (SPACE-GALAXY, expect by 7 p.m. ET, about 400 words)

Weekend Cheating Might Help Dieters Succeed

NEW YORK - Go ahead and eat a few French fries or a couple of bites of chocolate cake - as long as it’s the weekend, when diets tend to fall by the wayside only to be resumed on Monday morning, a new study suggests. (WEIGHT-DIET/WEEKENDS, moved, 560 words)

Pregnant Teens Under Age 15 Face Unique Risks: Study

NEW YORK - Girls who became pregnant before age 15 were more likely to report having sex with much older partners and initially forgoing contraception than their slightly older peers, according to a new study. (TEEN-PREGNANCY/RISKS, moved, 703 words)


American, Women Authors Dominate Shortlist Of New Folio Prize

LONDON - American and female authors dominated the inaugural shortlist of a new literary award, the Folio Prize, which was unveiled on Monday. The award is “the first major English-language book prize open to writers from all over the world”, according to sponsor the Folio Society. (BRITAIN-FOLIO PRIZE/SHORTLIST, moved, 339 words)

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