Movie Review: Missing

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Deception and mystery are ironically the biggest missing elements in Mukul Abhyankar’s mystery drama Missing”, which is set in a scenic resort in the Maldives. The film might have started off on paper as an Alfred Hitchcock-meets-Agatha Christie caper, but the “twist” is obvious from the first five minutes to anyone who’s watched anything in this genre.

Sushant (Manoj Bajpayee) and Aparna (Tabu) check into a resort late at night; and while the woman is worried about her sick child, the man is only concerned with flirting and making a pass at any woman he sees. In the morning, Aparna finds that her daughter Titli is missing from bed. After a fruitless search around the hotel, she calls the police.

Detective Buddu (Annu Kapoor), we are told, is a police officer with a 100 percent record of solving cases, but the techniques he employ seem less sophisticated than those used by The Famous Five. He blunders his way through the investigation, seemingly more shocked than the audience at the twists and turns - even slapping Sushant in a fit of rage at one point.

In any other film, this would have been a problem, but Abhyankar doesn’t seem too concerned with the finer details. And when you know how the story is likely to end, all the time wasted in between on lame plot points seems to last an eternity. Both Tabu and Bajpayee, accomplished actors on any given day, struggle to maintain a semblance of seriousness on screen. Bajpayee hams it up and Kapoor tries to better him. The result is a film that wastes all the acting talent at hand and doesn’t even manage to narrate a half-decent story.

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The views expressed in this article are not those of Reuters News.