Reuters launches new COVID-19 Global Tracker, including dedicated outbreak trackers for 240 countries and territories around the world

Reuters Covid-19 Global Tracker

Reuters announced today the launch of the COVID-19 Global Tracker, a new global initiative to track the state of the pandemic worldwide, featuring the latest global data and trends as well as dedicated pages for 240 countries and territories.

The project showcases a unique effort by Reuters global editorial team to collect and verify the latest and most accurate COVID-19 infections and deaths data available, updated around-the-clock. The site is based on data from government health agencies and other local reporting groups that is verified by Reuters. There will be clear warnings when Reuters knows COVID-19 data is incomplete or inaccurate and persistent efforts to reconcile the data when better information becomes available.

The COVID-19 Global Tracker will mark the latest trends in countries that lead the world in new infections and deaths and provide a quick reference of where outbreaks are increasing or decreasing. Additionally, it will feature automatically generated headlines from the latest data describing major milestones and shifts in trends as they happen around the world. Designed for speed, the headlines will lead the news cycle by automatically identifying key news and trends as Reuters logs the data, hour-by-hour.

The COVID-19 Global Tracker will also lay out the current situation in every country, signal when new spikes happen, survey the impact of changing lockdown policies to contain the spread of the virus and give readers a timely view of which territories are hitting the peak of their own outbreak relative to their history with the virus so far.

The COVID-19 Global Tracker is available on Reuters customers can also access embeddable trend charts for select countries and worldwide statistics on Reuters Connect.

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