Reuters Connect cements its place as the ultimate destination for UGC with three new partners: Spectee, ViralHog & SWNS

Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider, announced today that it is further expanding its UGC offering to Reuters News Agency customers.


As the demand for UGC continues to grow, and in addition to Reuters own impressive offering, three new partners specialising in UGC will join existing partners Jukin, Newsflare and Accuweather on the Reuters Connect platform:

- Spectee, a Japanese company which specialises in curating newsworthy social media videos, through the use of patented AI technology which powers real-time access to UGC

- ViralHog, provider of newsworthy events and the latest viral videos which capture heartfelt and unusual moments

- SWNS, a British news agency with reach across the globe specialising in compelling human-interest content through text, images and video.

Justine Flatley, Senior Manager, Partnerships, Reuters, said: “UGC is authentic, resonates with audiences and plays an essential role in modern media. I can think of no better time to welcome Spectee, ViralHog and SWNS to Reuters Connect. It really is now a one-stop shop to fulfil the needs of Reuters News Agency customers seeking UGC.”

Ken Murakami, CEO, Spectee, said: “We are excited to announce our partnership with Reuters. Through this partnership, our content can now be accessed via Reuters Connect, expanding our reach to even more clients. We believe that our content provides Reuters Connect customers fast and accurate access to viral events.”

Wendy Sly, Head of Licensing & Distribution, ViralHog, said: “Partnering with Reuters Connect brings a tremendous opportunity to further our reach, allowing new brands and previously untouched markets to easily access our content. The value ViralHog will bring to Reuters Connect goes beyond just viral video. UGC is the rawest form of storytelling that the world has ever known and we’re excited to continue to bring light to a new network of partners.”

Justin Manton, sales director, SWNS, said: “We pride ourselves on bringing colour to the news agenda - capturing the extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people and turning their stories into easy-to-consume packages for publishers. We are delighted to partner with Reuters, which will bring a new dimension to the Connect platform and further extend our reach in video distribution.”

ViralHog and SWNS are available to Reuters News Agency customers on Reuters Connect: here

Spectee will follow shortly.

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