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Kremlin critic must stay in hospital over poisoning fears -doctor

MOSCOW, July 29 (Reuters) - A doctor for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said on Monday she opposed a move to discharge him from hospital and send him back to jail, a day after she alleged he may have been poisoned with an unknown chemical substance.

Navalny, 43, was rushed to hospital from jail on Sunday morning with what his spokeswoman said were signs of an acute allergy with “severe swelling of the face and skin redness.”

Anastasia Vasilyeva, a doctor who has treated Navalny in the past, said on Sunday his condition may have been the result of him being poisoned with an unknown chemical substance.

After visiting him on Monday, she said he was expected to be released from hospital later that day, a decision she said she opposed while it remained unclear what had caused his health to deteriorate. (Reporting by Andrew Osborn; Writing by Anton Kolodyazhnyy Editing by Andrew Osborn)