Samsung signs up Verizon as first customer for indoor 5G gear

STOCKHOLM, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics has signed up Verizon as the first customer for its 5G products to increase indoor coverage, weeks after winning a $6.64 billion order for telecoms equipment from the U.S. operator.

A small player until recently in the telecom equipment business, Samsung has gained ground in the recent years and is challenging the dominance of Nokia and Ericsson in selling telecom gears.

It has also benefited from China’s Huawei getting barred from bidding for 5G contracts in the United States.

Samsung’s new 5G portfolio will help operators add coverage and capacity indoors, be it homes of users or factories and warehouses, Alok Shah, Vice President of Network Strategy at Samsung, told Reuters.

He said the company was in talks with other U.S. telecoms operators. (Reporting by Supantha Mukherjee in Stockholm; Editing by Mark Potter)