Yellowstone launches live webcam of Old Faithful

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Fans of the great outdoors can now watch many of the world’s most powerful geysers erupt via Yellowstone National Park’s first live streaming webcam, launched on Wednesday.

The camera is often trained on Old Faithful, the country’s most famous hot spring. Every 90 minutes, steam bubbles inside this geyser expand and force out a spray of super-heated water that soars more than 100 feet in the air.

On Wednesday, the camera also panned to other hot springs, including Beehive, Lion, and Giantess, all steaming through the snow and desolation of a Wyoming winter.

The webcast’s companion website promises that “when bison, elk, coyotes, or the occasional bear wander into the camera’s view, live video images will be transmitted.”

Its audio program also includes five-minute presentation explaining how geysers work.

Yellowstone was America’s first national park and sprawls through parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The basin in which Old Faithful sits is home to nearly 150 of the world’s 600 geysers.

Reporting by Amanda Beck