PROFILE-Slovenia's Finance Minister Janez Sustersic

Position: Finance Minister of Slovenia

Incumbent: Janez Sustersic

Date of Birth: Dec. 29, 1966

Term: Appointed by parliament in February 2012 for a four-year mandate.

Key facts:

-- Sustersic is a supporter of a liberal economic model, with the state providing a favourable economic environment for companies but not being a major owner of the firms. He has pledged to cut public spending, reduce the budget deficit, keep public debt under control and speed up privatisation.

-- Sustersic believes the government should sell most of the companies it owns, including banks and insurers, and keep only a stake of 25 percent in main banks, while infrastructure firms such as electricity firms, railways and port operator should stay in state hands.

-- After graduating from Ljubljana University’s Faculty of Economy, he was the head of the government’s macroeconomic institute from 2001-2007 and later a professor of economy at the Faculty of Management at Slovenia’s University of Primorska.

-- He is a vice-president of a centrist political party called the Civic List of Gregor Virant, which was established in October 2011 and became the fourth largest party in parliament at December’s election.