Soccer-Ukraine Prime Minister optimistic on Euro 2012 plans

KIEV, June 11 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko said on Wednesday that Ukraine’s preparations for Euro 2012 were proceeding normally and was confident all projects would be completed on time.

Tymoshenko was speaking amid growing concern that Ukraine and co-host Poland were moving too slowly over tournament preparations and a day after Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko set a deadline of next week for meeting key goals.

“I believe next week we will hold a meeting of the organising committee on preparations for Euro 2012 and we will be able to check how the timetable is being fulfilled,” she told a news conference on Wednesday.

“I am completely optimistic that the preparations for Euro 2012 will be completed in timely fashion.”

Yushchenko has expressed increasing alarm in recent weeks about delays.

In his letter to Tymoshenko on Tuesday, the president gave the organising committee, which has had its powers beefed up recently to meet the deadlines, until June 18 to resolve issues including preparation of legislation, co-operation with Polish officials, road upgrades and improved conditions for investors.

Also on the list was a call to resolve all safety worries over the rebuilding of Kiev’s Olympic stadium, the 84,000-seat facility which is scheduled to stage the final.

He said responses were needed for an UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Vienna on June 27.

UEFA President Michel Platini earlier this year expressed concern at the pace of preparations. He is due to visit to Ukraine again on July 1-2.

Writing by Ron Popeski; editing by Miles Evans