Spain's gas imports rise 27% in July from same month a year earlier

Sept 8 (Reuters) - Spain’s natural gas imports rose 27% in July compared with the same month a year ago, government data showed on Thursday.

Spain imported the equivalent of 36,606 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of natural gas in July, Cores, an arm of the Energy and Environment Ministry, said.

LNG shipments doubled and represented 72% of the total imports, while purchases through pipelines fell 38%, Cores indicated in the statement.

In July 2022, Russian gas accounted for 14.5% of Spanish imports, more than twice as much as during the same month last year, while gas from the United States represented 23% of imports.

Spain re-exported the equivalent of 4,329 gigawatt-hours of gas, mainly to France. (Reporting by Marta Serafinko, editing by Inti Landauro)