A Smart Connected Life, Powered by 5G and AI

Without a doubt, AI and 5G will power the transformation of what was previously in the realm of science fiction into a reality.

While AI enables devices to perceive, reason and act intuitively; 5G provides the powerful and reliable connectivity necessary to maximize the intelligence of AI.

“Using AI technology to manage intelligent devices is almost like humans managing our cells and organs,” explains George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device CO., Ltd, during a global CEO Tech Talk alongside Cristiano Amon, President and CEO of Qualcomm Incorporate, discussing intelligent connectivity. “5G has allowed the number of connections to increase substantially. We’ve been saying that technology is fierce and thrives in almost everything. With AI and 5G, we could manage more resources in both the physical and virtual worlds even faster.”

Together, the pairing of 5G and AI will scale intelligence to trillions of connected things and nowhere is this more advanced than in China.

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Enhancing Connections

Strong 5G uptake in mainland China during 2020 means that it now represents the single largest 5G market in the world, with 5G connections in the country accounting for 87% of global 5G connections at the end of 2020, according to GSMA.[1]

Consumers in China are more eager to upgrade to 5G than anywhere else in the world, continues the report, whereby 5G will grow from 202 million connections to 822 million connections in 2025, accounting for 47% of total connections in China.

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for 5G and AI even further, due to their potential to improve video conferencing, network capacity and more.

”5G is truly a team sport. We’re very proud of the partnership we have developed with HONOR in record time.” Speaking at the Tech Talk, Amon says that 5G will enable the development of artificial intelligence to a whole new level, while AI is going to fundamentally change how services are going to be done on smartphones. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chips power the smartphone HONOR 50 series that was launched in June to be the super star in China market.

Throughout this pandemic, mobile networks have been instrumental in providing the connectivity to sustain social and economic activities.

AI “fundamentally changes the photography experience,” says Amon. “It makes everyone a professional photographer. AI optimizes to one’s personal needs. It’s an incredible opportunity to improve user experience.”

The HONOR Magic3 series using the lastest AI powered camera technology adopt Snapdragon 888 Plus chips, which can be fully optimized and realized through HONOR’s deep understanding of communications and infrastructure. Amon announced HONOR is among the first OEMs to launch Snapdragon 888+ smartphones.

Sharing memorable moments of one’s life through short videos is also being enhanced by 5G and AI. Through filters for photos and enhanced video services, it is becoming easier to unleash one’s creativity to produce and share dynamic content.

Being the first vendor and brand to launch AI on the smartphone, George reminisced that the company opened the AI era with HONOR Magic back in 2016. At the time, CNET described that “this new Magic phone knows who you are and what you want.” For example, during a trip to the cinema, the smartphone will intuitively provide your booking number. Because they started the machine learning that know what is your next step.

Fast forward 5 years combined with millions of leaps in technology and HONOR is launching the HONOR Magic3 on 12 August globally, powered by Qualcomm’s 888 Plus 5G Platform chip.

Now, “we can recognize five hundred scenarios,” says George. “And I do believe that the HONOR Magic3 series are the best Snapdragon 888+ products.”

Promoting International Exchange

More than just on a social level, the enhancements that 5G and AI bring also encourage more fluid exchanges that promote business partnerships on an international level, says Nathan Midler, China director at Harvard Business Publishing, a guest panellist on the Talk.

“5G and AI will have a profound impact on society and international business,”says Midler. “Video conference will become more real and immersive and that will promote international exchanges.”

Xu Sitao, Chief Economist and Partner at Deloitte China, agrees, saying that seamless communication enhanced through technology is so important during a business tie-up.

The cooperation between HONOR and Qualcomm to produce the new HONOR 50 series is a case in point. Despite only having six months, the engineers utilised best-in class technology to communicate with each other every day to produce the smartphone series in record time.

Technology Is Fierce and Thrives in Everything

What is truly phenomenal about 5G and AI is that their transformative power has yet to be discovered.

“We are still at the very beginning of this 5G decade, or more, and we’re going to see a transformation with 5G that is bigger and more profound than what we saw with 4G and the smartphone revolution we have today,” says Amon.

Each technology has a myriad of use cases, which are inextricably linked and the pairing of the two will amplify the rate and impact of both technologies.

“The technology is fierce and thrives in almost everything,” says George, highlighting that ultimately integrating 5G and AI enhances the smart life experience.

“It is about managing our lives better and bringing conveniences to all aspects of life,” says George. “What we wish is that everyone fully benefits from the dividends of technological development.”

Announcing that the HONOR Magic3 Series will be launched globally on August 12th, George also introduced the design concept – Magic Hour, including Blue Hour (dark blue moment) and Golden Hour (dreamy golden moment). To align with these two magical moments, the HONOR Magic3 Series prepared two special colors: HONOR Magic3 Blue Hour and HONOR Magic3 Golden Hour, which made their debut at the Talk successfully.

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