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H1N1 flu case at world's biggest youth soccer tournament

OSLO (Reuters) - An African player in the world’s biggest youth soccer tournament -- the Norway Cup -- has come down with H1N1 flu, and four other participants are also suspected of carrying the virus, organisers said on Tuesday.

Organisers had taken numerous measures to limit the chances of an H1N1 outbreak including a ban on handshakes.

“We had to change routine and now just say ‘hello’ to each other, run past each other, but we don’t shake hands,” Terje Lund, deputy chief of the Norway Cup organisers, told Reuters.

The tournament has attracted 30,000 players, aged 10 to 19, from 50 nations.

Lund said the tournament was “lucky” that the sole confirmed case of the H1N1 flu, which has killed 800 people worldwide, was spotted early and that the player was isolated from others. The other players suspected of the flu are from different teams.

“I would expect more cases (to occur) but we are as prepared as we can be,” Lund said.