Swedish apartment prices fall 4 pct Nov-Jan yr/yr - Maklarstatistik

STOCKHOLM, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Apartment prices in Sweden fell 4 percent in the November-January period from the same period a year earlier, data from an association of Swedish real estate agents showed on Wednesday.

Prices of single-family homes increased 4 percent, the Svensk Maklarstatistik association said.

Compared with the October-December period this year, both apartment and single-family home prices fell 1 percent.

Home prices in the Nordic country have surged since the mid-90s, leaving Swedish households among the most indebted in Europe. Swedish authorities as well as the European Commission and the IMF, have for long warned the high debt levels are a serious threat to the economy

However, home prices have fallen during the last months, mainly due to a surge in building and new, tougher mortgage rules. (Reporting by Stockholm Newsroom)