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Swiss 50-yr yield falls below 0%, entire Swiss curve now negative

July 25 (Reuters) - Swiss 50-year borrowing costs fell below 0% on Thursday for first time since August 2016, meaning Switzerland’s entire government bond market now trades with negative yields.

Earlier this month Denmark became the first country to see its entire yield curve turn negative, caught up in the renewed bond rally fuelled by signs of central bank monetary easing.

The 50-year yield fell 2.6 basis points to minus 0.014%. Swiss 50-year yields had fallen below zero in 2016 during the European growth scare, but have until now traded in positive territory even as the rest of the curve went negative. At the start of the year the 50-year yield was around 0.5%. (Reporting by Sujata Rao, editing by Karin Strohecker)