Jailhouse rock: Philippine inmates groove on the Web

MANILA, July 25 (Reuters) - Over 1,000 men, clad in orange jumpsuits, gyrating in synch to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

You think that’s weird? You should see them do Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga”.

An over-the-top MTV video? No, this is the morning exercise routine at a prison in Cebu, central Philippines.

Clips of the men grooving in harmony, some of them in nuns’ habits, to “Hail Holy Queen” from the movie “Sister Act” as well as a complex algorithm march, kneeling and bowing in rows of prison orange, have created a stir on the Internet.

The Thriller sequence, complete with zombie moves, is the biggest hit, attracting over one million views since it was posted last weekhere.

Byron Garcia, who oversees the jail and introduced the dance routines last year, loaded the videos onto the Web.

“I want the prison system to learn from this,” Garcia told Reuters. “The inmates are after all human beings and the inmates after all, once inside, know that they have committed mistakes, let them enjoy their stay.”

The online audience certainly enjoys their sense of rhythm.

“I usually have some kinda witty banter. But not this time, I’m just completely speechless,” wrote one viewer on YouTube.