R u rdy 4 wrlds fastest txt msg?

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Warm up those thumbs.

What’s billed as the first text messaging competition will take place in Los Angeles on Saturday, pitting scores of players in a race to determine who is the fastest.

The snag is that popular text shorthand will not be allowed.

“Texting has become such a trend and kids are using texting as a form of communication. It’s become like, ‘Who can text the fastest?’ Everyone thinks they are a good texter,” said Amy Jones, spokeswoman for organizers LG Electronics.

Players will compete in groups to see who can text set phrases quickest and without errors, with the winner getting a $10,000 prize and advancement to the finals in New York City on April 21.

Jones said 150 people had signed up and more were expected on the day. She said the contest was the first organized text messaging competition for cash and other prizes.