Tweets or bleats? Tool measures importance on Twitter

A Twitter page is displayed on a laptop computer in Los Angeles October 13, 2009. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - You’ve got followers and post regularly, but ever wondered how popular you are on Twitter? An online tool that evaluates “tweets” can tell.

Public relations consultancy Edelman recently launched TweetLevel (, a free tool that measures the importance of a user on the popular social networking site, how trusted they are as well as the influence they wield.

The tool uses an algorithm developed by the agency which takes into account the quality and quantity of “tweets” or micro-blogs of up to 140 characters, and allows users to compare their own importance to that of anyone they choose to follow.

“Unlike most rankings that look merely at the number of followers someone has, TweetLevel gives you a really clear picture of who is important within this increasingly influential forum,” Jonny Bentwood, Edelman’s Head of Strategic Analysis and who created the algorithm, said in a statement.

The tool gives points to users in four categories -- how many people listen to what you say; how many people follow you; how actively you participate and whether people believe you.

Each score is rated out of 100, with the higher your score, the more important you are.

The statement said that entertainment blogger Perez Hilton, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher and social media blog Mashable were among the highest scorers on TweetLevel.

Writing by Miral Fahmy; Editing by Alex Richardson