Iceland's "Nightshift" picked up for U.S. remake

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - An Icelandic workplace comedy show, “The Nightshift,” will be reworked in an English-language version for U.S. audiences.

Reveille Productions has acquired rights to develop The series, which premiered in 2007. The TV show follows three eccentric gas-station employees working the graveyard shift who try to stay motivated between run-ins with wacky customers.

“Nightshift,” which uses the parade of gas station customers to touch on social issues, is considered the most successful local comedy series in Iceland’s television history.

Shine Group-owned Reveille is behind two successful scripted TV-show transplants, NBC’s “The Office” and ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” and hopes the project can find a home on a U.S. network.

“‘The Nightshift’ is that rare international format that has American sensibility, and we’re eager to tackle another workplace comedy after the success of ‘The Office,’” said Howard Owens, managing director of Reveille. “The show has a smart, ironic point of view, which we know will translate well in the U.S.”