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FACTBOX - Security developments in Afghanistan

(Reuters) - Following are security developments in Afghanistan at 9:30 a.m. British time on Sunday:

KHOST - NATO killed dozens of Taliban insurgents in an air strike on Sunday following an attack by the militants on a government building in southeastern Khost province near the border with Pakistan, the provincial governor said. The Taliban denied they suffered any losses, saying the group killed eight police in the raid on the building.

SOUTHEAST - The defence ministry has launched an operation involving about 1,700 personnel to wipe out insurgents from four southeastern provinces, the defence ministry said, adding the operation was backed by U.S.-led troops.

SAROBI - Separately, the ministry said, foreign and Afghan militants were planning to blow up a major water dam that provides power for the capital, Kabul. Based on intelligence reports, it said the insurgents were aiming to target the country’s infrastructure.

PAKTIA - U.S.-led troops killed three insurgents in a clash in the southeastern province of Paktia on Saturday, the U.S. military said.

HELMAND - Also on Saturday, Afghan troops killed three Taliban in an engagement in southern Helmand, the defence ministry said.

Compiled by Sayed Salahuddin; Editing by David Fogarty