Internal Iraq oil pipeline cut by bomb: police

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An internal pipeline carrying crude oil to a Baghdad refinery was ruptured in a bomb attack by insurgents, police said on Sunday, the second attack on a pipeline in Iraq in five days.

Police said the pipeline connecting Baiji, 180 km (110 miles) north of Baghdad, to the Doura refinery in the capital was hit by a suspected improvised explosive device. Rescue teams had so far been unable to reach the area.

Baiji residents reported seeing flames spewing from the ruptured line. It was not clear if work at the refinery had stopped.

On Tuesday, Iraq’s northern oil export pipeline to Turkey was damaged by a bomb attack that caused oil to spill into the Tigris River.

The same attack also blew up another pipeline that transports crude to the Baiji refinery.

Reporting by Ahmed Rasheed, Baghdad newsroom; editing by Braden Reddall