Clearstream: Turkish lira settlement over Bridge platform to resume June 1

LONDON, May 28 (Reuters) - Clearstream Banking said on Thursday it would resume Turkish lira transactions over its electronic Bridge settlement platform with Euroclear Bank from June 1.

“Clearstream Banking informs customers, that ...effective 1 June 2020 settlement over the Bridge in TRY will resume,” it said on its website.

Turkey’s BDDK banking regulator announced last week that it was exempting Euroclear Bank and Clearstream from recently imposed limits on lenders’ lira transactions with foreign financial institutions.

Earlier in May, Clearstream Banking suspended lira transaction over the platform as they could no longer be settled under satisfactory conditions due to liquidity restrictions on the currency related to the COVID-19 disease. (Reporting by Karin Strohecker; Editing by Tom Arnold)