UBS hedge fund whistleblower claims unfair dismissal

LONDON, Aug 24 (IFR) - A former investment manager at UBS’s hedge fund business O’Connor is claiming unfair dismissal and saying he was unfairly treated by the Swiss bank for whistleblowing.

Meraj Sepehrnia’s claim against UBS is due to be heard at a London employment tribunal on September 6, according to court details released on Wednesday.

He claims he suffered a detriment or dismissal due to exercising his rights as a whistleblower, the details showed. He is also claiming unfair dismissal and a failure of employer to pay.

Further details were not known. Sepehrnia did not immediately respond to a request for comment via LinkedIn, and UBS did not immediately comment.

O’Connor hired Sepehrnia in August 2013 as one of a handful of portfolio managers and investment professionals it brought in over a few weeks. O’Connor is a multi-strategy hedge fund manager within UBS Asset Management, which has about US$5.7bn in assets under management and about 160 staff.

Sepehrnia was listed on the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s register of approved persons as working at UBS O’Connor from September 2013 until June 8, 2016. The FCA register covers senior managers and those in risk-taking roles. He is now listed as inactive.

Sepehrnia joined O’Connor from Carrhae Capital, a London-based hedge fund. He has also worked at hedge fund Polygon and as an analyst at Lehman Brothers, according to his LinkedIn profile. (Reporting by Steve Slater)