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Austria wants European nuclear "stress test" -radio

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Austrian Environment Minister Nikolaus Berlakovich said on Sunday he would call for a pan-European “stress test” to see if nuclear power stations were earthquake proof, following Japan’s massive quake and tsunami.

Berlakovich told Austrian radio he will ask at a European Union environment ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Monday, “whether they are earthquake proof, and how they perform in terms of containment and cooling.”

Although the issue of nuclear power was not on the agenda for the meeting, he would put forward the idea of the “stress test” he told the radio programme Mittagsjournal.

The radiation leak from a damaged nuclear reactor north of Tokyo should prompt a rethink in the whole of Europe about whether or not to get out of nuclear energy, Berlakovich said.

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Reporting by Edward Taylor in Frankfurt and Fredrik Dahl in Vienna; Editing by Matthew Jones