Burger King "misled public over size of burger"

Chinese customers leave a new outlet of Burger King in Shanghai June 27, 2005. REUTERS/Ming Ming RKR/NL

LONDON (Reuters) - Fast-food chain Burger King misled viewers over the size and composition of its Tendercrisp chicken burger, Britain’s advertising standards watchdog ruled on Wednesday.

The television advertisement for the burger showed a man in an American-style motel room eating a chicken burger so large it filled his hands.

Complaints were filed with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on the grounds that the burger sold in Burger King outlets was much smaller than the one advertised.

The ASA upheld the complaints and banned the advertisement, after finding that the main images of the burger in full sight during the advertisement were close-up shots, which gave the viewer a wrong impression of the product.

“We purchased three Tendercrisp chicken burgers and noted the thickness of the burgers, the quantity of additional fillings (such as salad) and the subsequent overall height of the product was considerably less than appeared in the ad,” the ASA said on its website.

Reporting Isabel Coles: Editing by Steve Addison