Conservatives stand 20 points ahead of Labour - ICM poll

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LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party held a 20 point lead over the opposition Labour Party, down a couple of points since last week but still a “largely impregnable” advantage, pollster ICM said on Monday.

The Conservatives’ share of voters fell a point to 48 percent, while Labour’s increased a point to 28 percent, according to the poll commissioned by the Guardian newspaper.

Support for the Liberal Democrats increased one point to 10 percent, while the UK Independence Party were stuck at 6 percent.

“Theresa May can head into (the June 8 election) confident that her poll lead is largely impregnable,” ICM director Martin Boon said.

A Survation poll earlier on Monday put the Conservatives’ lead at 18 points.

Reporting by Andy Bruce; editing by Kate Holton