Britons are EU leavers or remainers more than party supporters - poll

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LONDON (Reuters) - Britons define themselves more in terms of whether they are supporters or opponents of Brexit than backers of a particular political party, according to a poll on Thursday.

The YouGov survey found that 86% of Britons, who will vote in an election on Dec. 12 which may define the outcome of Brexit, thought of themselves as “Leavers” or “Remainers”.

That compared to 68% who identified themselves with a political party.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised get Brexit done by the end of January if his Conservative Party wins, while Labour has promised to renegotiate the current exit deal and then hold another referendum. The Liberal Democrats say they would simply revoke Britain’s notification to leave altogether.

Surveys indicate that Johnson has a commanding lead but the result could be influenced by Britons voting for parties that chime with their views on Brexit.

The YouGov poll of 3,228 people found three-quarters of voters identified either very strongly or fairly strongly with their Brexit preference while most did not have a strong or any affiliation with any political party.

Reporting by Michael Holden; Editing by Giles Elgood