EU Galileo stance raises questions over security work post-Brexit - UK minister

LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union’s stance on satellite navigation system Galileo, Europe’s version of GPS, after Brexit raises questions over the Britain’s future security relationship with the bloc, Guto Bebb, a defence minister, said on Tuesday.

A row over Galileo has become the latest flashpoint in Brexit negotiations after London accused the EU of shutting British businesses out of the project before Britain’s exit next year. The EU has said it is honouring the existing laws.

“I think it undoubtedly raises questions,” Bebb told a parliamentary committee.

“I think the United Kingdom government has been very clear over our desire to be involved for the benefit of both parties. In terms of future cooperation, there is no doubt that a continuation of the Commission’s line on this issue will raise question marks onto the way in which we can work together in the manner ... comparable with what we do with NATO partners.”

Reporting by Elizabeth Piper. Editing by Andrew MacAskill