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Cut Brexit deal, then hold second referendum - top German SPD official

BERLIN (Reuters) - A senior member of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) says Britain should hold a second referendum on its membership of the European Union once Brexit negotiations have been completed.

“My proposal: negotiate conditions, then ... referendum. Then the facts are on the table,” SPD General Secretary Katarina Barley tweeted on Wednesday.

The idea is mooted in some quarters in Britain, but is viewed as highly unlikely.

Barley, who is half British, sent her tweet after EU lawmakers adopted a resolution on Wednesday that hinted at the possibility for Britain to reverse the Brexit process, stressing however that this would be possible only with the approval of all the remaining 27 member states.

British Prime Minister Theresa May last week triggered a two-year countdown to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU after the British people voted in a referendum last June to leave the bloc.

The SPD is junior partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition but could - theoretically - be at the helm of a German government by the time the Brexit negotiations are completed.

Opinion polls show the SPD trailing Merkel’s conservative bloc, but with close to enough support to form a three-party coalition with the environmentalist Greens and the far-left Linke party after Germany’s Sept. 24 federal election.

Writing by Paul Carrel Editing by Jeremy Gaunt.