Brexit deal choice is PM's plan or customs union - May's former deputy

FILE PHOTO: Damian Green is pictured outside the Cabinet Office in London, Britain, February 4, 2019. REUTERS/Hannah Mckay

LONDON (Reuters) - British lawmakers who want to exit the European Union with an agreement now have a clear choice - Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal or a customs union with the EU, May’s former deputy, Damian Green, said on Thursday.

On Wednesday parliament debated eight alternative Brexit options. While there was no majority support for any, an option proposing a UK-wide customs union with the EU won more votes than May’s deal did two weeks ago.

“If you want to leave with a deal, which the vast majority of the House of Commons does...the choice is now between the government’s deal, which I will continue to vote for, or a customs union,” Green told BBC radio.

“The customs union was only eight votes off winning yesterday. That’s a slightly softer Brexit than the government’s deal,” he said.

Reporting by James Davey; Editing by William Schomberg