Britain says considering 'fall back options' on Northern Ireland Brexit problems

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will work to resolve outstanding disagreements with the European Union about the Northern Ireland protocol but is considering “fall back options”, a spokesperson said on Monday after a report suggested ministers were considering undermining the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

“We will always reserve the right to act in the best interests of Northern Ireland and the UK’s internal market. Our top priority is to preserve the huge gains from the peace process and the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement, as well as protecting Northern Ireland’s place in our United Kingdom,” the government spokesperson said.

“We are working hard to resolve outstanding issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol through the Joint Committee and will continue to approach these discussions in good faith. As a responsible government, we are considering fall back options in the event this is not achieved to ensure the communities of Northern Ireland are protected.”

Reporting by Elizabeth Piper, editing by Estelle Shirbon