UK "Leave" camp takes lead in run-up to EU referendum - TNS poll

A supporter stands by a sign at the launch of the Vote Leave bus campaign, in favour of Britain leaving the European Union, in Truro, Britain May 11, 2016. REUTERS/Darren Staples

LONDON (Reuters) - The campaign to get Britain out of the European Union has taken a three-point lead over the “Remain” campaign, polling firm TNS said on Tuesday, the first time it has found the “Out” campaign ahead since February.

Forty-one-percent of respondents wanted Britain out of the EU, up five percentage points from a May 3 poll, while those wanting to remain in the bloc fell one point to 38 percent.

“This poll suggests that we are seeing movement from undecided voters towards the Leave camp, though we will need to wait until the next poll to see if this is a trend or random variation,” Luke Taylor, head of social and political attitudes at TNS UK, said.

“Although this poll is the first time since February that we have seen a lead for ‘Leave’, the race remains very tight with many yet to make up their mind.”

Two of three polls published on Monday put the “In” camp ahead.

Reporting by Ana Nicolaci da Costa; editing by William Schomberg