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Britain waiting to see details of China's new Hong Kong law, Raab says

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will decide what action to take once it has seen the full security legislation that China has passed for Hong Kong, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Tuesday.

“Despite the urging of the international community, Beijing has chosen not to step back from imposing this legislation,” Raab said in a statement. “China has ignored its international obligations regarding Hong Kong. This is a grave step, which is deeply troubling.

“We urgently need to see the full legislation, and will use that to determine whether there has been a breach of the Joint Declaration and what further action the UK will take.”

Britain and China signed a joint declaration on Hong Kong in 1984 under which the former British territory’s high-degree of autonomy, rights and freedoms would remain unchanged for 50 years.

Reporting by Kate Holton; editing by Stephen Addison